EPISODE 1 | Deciphering Health Equity Language with Dr. Melissa Simon


WELCOME TO THE FIRST EPISODE OF SKINNY TREES: AN EXPLORATION OF HEALTH INEQUITIES IN & AROUND CHICAGOWe are so excited you dropped by our little corner of the web to listen to EPISODE 1 | Deciphering Health Equity Language with Dr. Melissa Simon.

We hope you enjoy listening as much as we have enjoyed creating.

Episode 1 was created to set the scene for the content of Skinny Trees and the reoccurring themes we will discuss over the next 6 months of season 1. We interview Dr. Melissa Simon to better understand the landscape of health equity and to learn more about the varying terms of health disparities/inequality/inequities.

{As a reminder, all episodes can also be found on iTunes. Search for Skinny Trees by typing, “health inequities chicago”}

We also highlight a great example of equality versus equity – follow along with the image below during that narrative! IISC_EqualityEquity.png

We also spotlight one of our unique content areas, 5 in 5, or 5 health facts in 5 minutes. 5 in 5 is delivered to you by Da In Lee, a 2016 ChicagoCHEC Summer Research Fellow and undergraduate student at Northeastern Illinois University.

dainDa In will cover:

  • Recent updates on the Zika Virus and what you should know
  • The global health workforce
  • Recent developments on a polymer to fight super bugs
  • VIolence as a public health issue
  • Flu season – have you received a vaccine?

For a complete list of show notes (including low-cost locations in Chicago to receive a flu vaccine) please see below! 

And lastly, we want to highlight the amazing talents of Elizabeth Breen, a 2016 ChicagoCHEC Summer Research Fellow and undergraduate student at University of Illinois at Chicago, who supplied us with the opening music track. The song is titled The Heat off of the album, Havin’ Stuff  and Being Pretty. For more information on where to purchase the track, please see show notes below.

S H O W   N O T E S 


5 in 5: 


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