EPISODE 2 | On ‘Breaking the Rules’ with one of Chicago’s most prominent Social Activists, Dr. Linda Rae Murray


How do you feel about the last month?

We have a new {future} President. We have a changing America.

On Episode 2, we dive a little deeper into this…

The front door of Dr. Murray’s home

Just from Dr. Linda Rae Murray’s painted door to her home, one can quickly tell she is a little different from all the rest…

Dr. Murray is one of the largest personalities we will most likely ever to have grace Skinny Trees and is quick to have an unfiltered, real-talk, open conversation about things that are on her heart. A social activist, educator, clinician, and self-proclaimed revolutionary, Dr. Murray has spent her long career giving a voice to the medically undeserved.


Having graduated from UIC medical school, Dr. Murray started her medical career at Cook County Hospital, where she ultimately went on to become the Chief Medical Officer of Primary Care & Community Health. Throughout her career, she held high-level positions at community-based clinics throughout Chicago, such as Near North and Woodlawn Health Center, held an appointment as the Medical Director of the Manitoba Federation of Labour in Canada, and became the President of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Throughout it all, she has stood as a strong voice for patient care of the uninsured and underinsured, for students – specifically those of color, and for the justice of marginalized populations.

We sat down with Dr. Murray on a cold, Friday morning in her home to discuss her take on politics, education, healthcare, breaking the rules, and the overall changing climate of America.

S H O W   N O T E S

We’d like to especially thank Da In Lee who interviewed students to get their reaction regarding the election- this was played in the intro of this podcast, to Kurt Swan Jr. for a student music submission (outro music) from Black Swan Productions, and to Tone Jonez.



Interview with Dr. Linda Rae Murray:






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