Season 2, Episode 7: “SOME PEOPLE” (Every)Body. Art, Health & Language with Kimberly J. Soenen

Note: This episode was recorded on March 12, 2020, just days before the Governor of Illinois instituted a stay-at-home order due to the coronavirus outbreak.


In this episode we connected with Kimberly Soenen (short bio below) to discuss the importance of language in health and her ongoing art exhibit “SOME PEOPLE” (Every)Body. The ongoing project examines the ethics, people, processes, and systems that constitute the maintenance of, and barriers to, health for human beings. With this exhibition, the group of high performing contributing artists, photographers, essayists and physicians are asking the seminal question of our time: How do people define “health insurance,” “healthcare,” “Public Health” and “health?”


Kimberly J. Soenen Bio:

Kimberly J. Soenen is the Creative Director, Curator and Editor of “SOME PEOPLE” (Every)Body, an ongoing multiverse group exhibition about healthcare, health insurance, health and Public Health. For 25 years Soenen has worked for major news, policy and media arts organizations as a supervising producer, writer, global business development director and communications strategist. She is an expert in supporting strategic growth initiatives—including visual communications and content direction, curating live learning events and expanding civic engagement initiatives. Her expertise and vision have increased revenue and global reach for journalism organizations, impacted policy and influenced legislation. Soenen’s track record of high level business development, communications and creative leadership includes noteworthy successes at Pulitzer, Oscar, Emmy, World Press and Peabody Award winning organizations including Harper’s Magazine, National Public Radio and VII Photo Agency. She teaches on and appears frequently across media literacy, journalism ethics and visual story telling forums. She has been published across policy, thought leadership, culture and news magazines and resides in her hometown of Chicago.

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Episode photo caption: Youth. Paul Michael at the Dunes.
Photo by Kimberly J. Soenen.

Outro Music Credits:
Original Music by Wilson Tanner Smith on piano – “Freddie” (2013)

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